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As a child, I probably designed more than fifty weddings for my Barbie and Ken dolls.  When I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was, "A lawyer or a party planner."  Well, I went with my love of weddings and parties, my true passion.

Early in my career, I worked in the corporate world where I designed networking events, corporate galas and outings, and marketing materials for one of the global leaders in human capital solutions.  In 2006, my daughter was born and the beginnings of my dream began to take shape.

Twenty-five years after planning Barbie's wedding and many parties, showers, and weddings for friends and family later, Belleza e Luce was established. 
With more experience at planning events, than at the age of 4, I still posses that same passion, dedication, and love for parties.  The excitement of a soiree begins with the invitation - a peek or tease, if you will, into what your event has in store for your guests, and ends at the farewell from your last departing guest.
 I dedicate myself to each and every soiree I plan, paying close attention to the smallest  details that allow the event to stand out and be truly a representation of the hosts and guest of honor.  Our events are not just a party - they tell a story.  Every moment of your soiree is planned and fine-tuned to perfection.  By allowing Belleza e Luce to plan your event, you can enjoy the planning and have fun.  Not only that, but you enjoy that special day with no worries that all your wishes will be fulfilled.

Belleza e Luce is dedicated to making all your events planned to perfection, allowing you to be a guest at your own soiree.  Let my knowledge, passion, dedication, and creativity help you create memories that will last a lifetime!

*passport ready ... willing to travel!

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